The primary mission of this ministry is to obey the Great Commission by not only sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world, but to make disciples. By that we mean that we believe it is our duty as Christians not only to share the gospel, but to teach other believers to do the same. We want to teach Christians to share the gospel scripturally and effectively.

For the unbelievers visiting this site, we want to point you towards what you need the most — a Saviour who loves you and gave his life to save you. But, we don’t just want to point the way and leave it at that. We want to show you clearly why you need a saviour so that you will want to run to him; so that you will want to trust him as we have.

The secondary part of our mission is to share scriptural truths and to emphasize where we should stand as believers in every part of our Christian lives. We want to tear down the walls of false doctrine and teachings that have infiltrated the very core of mainstream churches and caused division in the Body of Christ. We want to help build a solid foundation based on sound scriptural teaching and the love of Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we are appointed to be Watchmen on the Wall. Out of a sincere desire to please and obey the God who has granted us eternal life, we choose to give clear warning to all about the wrath to come and how to escape it. We choose to put everything on the line — our friendships, our careers and even our very lives. Why do we choose this course? Because God has given us this desire and it is the very least we can do for the One who gave Himself for us.