You Shall Not Murder – Episode 12 -Ten Commandments Part 6

This week on Watchman on the Wall, ¬†Evangelist J.R. Stevens continues the ten-part series on the Ten Commandments. In this episode, we are looking at the sixth commandment. In the King James version, the commandment says, “Thou shalt not kill.” Other translations, including the New King James, say, “You shall not murder.” Most people think they are innocent of breaking this commandment. Following the example set by Jesus, we will look at the spirit of the law and not just the letter of it. In doing so and by looking at related scripture passages, we see that we are not as innocent of this transgression as we would like to believe.

J.R. also looks at the objection thrown around often by unbelievers, concerning the fact that God kills and commands others to kill, even though there is a commandment from God against killing. J.R. approaches this objection from an apologetics angle using the Hebrew definitions for the word “kill.”

If you’ve run into this objection when evangelizing, you’ll want to tune in to this episode to learn how to counter the objection.